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In India, caste is attached to every person and along with this honour, dishonour, discrimination and inequality. In Hinduism caste is a symbol of distinct ability and inability where higher caste people are rich, prosperous and honoured on the other side lower caste people (Shudra or Achhut) are facing inequality, dishonour, harassment and casteism.

On 15th August 1947 only higher caste Brahmins and some capitalist got independence and not the all Indians thatís why despite having special constitutional provisions 85% population is fighting for justice and rights till date.

Since on 15th August 1947, the government of India was constituted under the leadership of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru with some capitalist, upper class Brahmins and Raje Rajware. Government and administrative power still lies in hand of these antipeople forces thatís why dalits are deprived for their constitutional rights.

From centuries, the educationally, economically, socially and politically opressed, insulted, and deprived society development proportional representation/reservation given by Pune Pact in education, services and politics for untouchable and tribals (SC/ST). In 1990 educationally, economically, socially backward(Shudra) caste people had given 27% reservation according to Mandal Commission(54% OBC) in which Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Sikh religion backwards were included in it.

Today upper class Hindu people (specially Brahmins) are opposing reservation. Todayís reservation opposition is not a new subject. Since the time of Gandhi and Nehru congress themselves were opposing reservation. Nehru himself opposed reservation of schedule caste schedule tribe. Gandhi and congresses always tried that Dalits and Adivasis be the followers of them and they be deprived and get only living being facility. Dalits and Adivasis are not empowered educationally and economically so much that they become challenge for upper classes. Other political parties have the same view for the deprived society.

Today SC/ST/OBC and minorities are being taken as a challenge by upper class Hindus due to this all forces have united against reservation and trying it to de-rooted the reservation.

In such circumstances society of deprived class intellectuals, thinkers, politicians and social workers should united and raise voice to fight against injustice. In India depressed society still have to throw out hurdles (Brahmins and capitalist) and write the history.

Aarkashan Bachao Sangharsh Samiti (ABSS)

On 9th January 2011 ABSS was established by Er. R. P. Singh at Merrut. This is the revolt land of Sri Matadin Valmiki (inspirer for revolt of 1857). Since January 2011till today under popular and able leadership of our national president Er R. P. Singh and ABSS members have done peaceful agitations from Road to Parliament. Their sacrifices have made it national movement.

Save Reservation/ Save Existence Maharallies at districts level.

27th March 2011 Saharanpur Maharally.

1st Sep 2011 to 18th Sep 2011 Save Reservation/ Save Existence people awareness journey.

13th May 2011 Gheraw of UP assembly.

13th August 2011 jail bharo at Lucknow, Varanasi, Jhansi and Merrut.

55 districts of Madhya Pradesh people awareness journey and Gheraw of MP assembly

22nd and 23rd Nov 2012 at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi Ghera Dalo-Dera Dalo.

12th August 2013 at Jantar Mantar Reservation August kranti(ABSS hundreds members, workers with National president were victim of barbaric ladhi charge by Delhi police.)

9th December 2013 at Jantar mantar(Union Minister Sri J. D. Silam himself reach at Jantar Mantar to take Memorandum)

*Like above a lot of other agitations have also been done, their details are available at website


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