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Court cases

ABSS fighting for the rights of deprived society from district session court to Supreme court.

 Saharanpur Maharally – District Cession Court, Saharanpur
Lawyer- Shri Rajesh Kumar

Honourable High Court decision against reservation in private education (Sudha Tiwari) ABSS challenges this order in Supreme Court and found stay on it in favour of deprived society.
Lawyer- Hon’ble Advocate A. Subbarao.

Exclusion of Caste cases in case of Shri O. P. Shukla Supreme Court order of October 2011 to state and centre.
Lawyer- Hon’ble Advocate A. Subbarao.

In U. P. requirement of police some castes were kept away from reservation writ against this.
Lawyer- Advocate Rajesh Srivastava

Lucknow bench order dated 4th January 2011 regarding no reservation in promotion. Under direction of ABSS serious effort have been made in this case of Sishpal vs UP govt.


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