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Reservation is not a beg it is the promise of Pune Pact. According to Pune Pact Dalits, tribles should get their proportionate representation according their population and nothing less than this. Reservation is a constitutional provision how we can give up this. Our honour, dignity and everything depend on this. Our representative as Minister, MP, MLA, IAS, IPS, Doctor, Engineer, Master, Lawyer and peon all have possible through reservation. We must organise to save reservation. ABSS has following goals/objective:-

There should be strong reservation act which should not be in purview of the judiciary. At every stage of promotion in service period there should be reservation.

In higher judiciary (High Court/Supreme Court) appointment of judges, there should be Indian Judiciary service commission and reservation be given in appointment of judges in higher judiciary.

In Indian Defence Services (Army, Navy and Air) at every stage there should be reservation and regiments in the name of caste and religion should be abolished.

Privatization and marketization of education should stop with immediate effect. Education should be nationalized and there should be equal and compulsory education act. Separate education system for rich and poor which is discriminatory should abolish immediately.

Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (ST/SC) reservation limit should be increase from 22.5 to 30%.

In Private/PPP Projects reservation should be implemented immediately. In Central and state Govt. Undertakings and Departments contractual and ad hoc practices should be abolished immediately. Class IV (Group D) vacancy should be filled immediately.

In every class lakhs of vacant post counted against sanctioned post as backlogs should be filled immediately.

At top posts in Central Govt., Cabinet Secretaries, Addition Cabinet Secretaries, Joint Secretaries, different departments and undertakings Chairman and Managing, Vice Chancellorsí of Universities and Principals of Degree and Inter colleges, Directors and Scientist of research organizations there should be proportionate reservation of SC, ST and OBC population.

For the development of SC& ST billions of rupees have been allotted under SCP (Special Component Plan) should spent on Dalits and Adivasiís education, health and economical development by the central and state government. There should be strong federal act against misuse of SCP.

At every district headquarters for SC, ST and OBC girls there should be residential school, colleges and women hostel facilities.

OBCís employees and Officers should be given reservation in promotion.

In the name of Naxalism, killingof innocent and simple tribals should be stopped. They should not be forced to evict their water, forest and land.

SC/ST and OBC classes union list caste/sub-caste certificate should made easily in state as it is in union list.

In newly created states like Telangana, Simandhra, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, etc. the caste certificate should be issued on date of creation of the state law should be enacted for it.

For oppressed and tribals who fase atrocities of Dabang (uncivilized), high caste Hindus. Should be rehabilated at new bastis.


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